Five Amazing Vegan Restaurants Around the World

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Traveling around the world can present a hazard to many vegetarians and vegans alike, who
often find themselves in strange, foreign cities and towns that don’t seem to cater for their
dietary requirements. Often, the only vegan or vegetarian food one can find is in a 7-Eleven style store, and devoid of nutrition, taste or any kind of visual appeal. But there’s much more hiding in most cities and towns across the globe. Here are some popular travel destinations and compiled a range of high and low end vegetarian and vegan-friendly options that will guarantee to excite your senses.

Here’s a list of some of the best:

222 Restaurant, London, England

Offering 100% vegan international cuisine, the 222 Restaurant in the West Kensington section of
London offers daily lunch and buffets and a la carte dinners in a friendly atmosphere that invites you to stay awhile or box up some healthy the food to take along with you — in environmentally
friendly containers, of course. Judged one of the top 10 vegan restaurants by the Times
newspaper, this establishment focuses on organic ingredients, careful preparation and beautiful presentation.

Blossom Restaurant, New York City, USA

Both of the Blossom restaurants in New York City are highly loved by the local vegans for their juice bars, elegant atmosphere and splendid dishes, they even use these beautiful slate plates that are produced locally, in garner north carolina. more information at Judging by the reviews, the overall favorites
are their Parsnip Cappelletti appetizer and Southern Seitan Sandwich. Many reviewers to prefer
the cuisine at Blossom to the highly ranked Candle 79 also in NYC, claiming Blossom’s dishes
are more creative and beautifully spiced and overall they offer better choices for less money. And they also offer 15% discounts to members. They definitely do provide a great experience. I’d say they checked everything that’s in slateplate’s list

The Country House, Montali, Italy

Country House Montali’s exquisite cuisine is a result 20 years experience in preparing fresh,
organic local produce in elegant dishes that emphasize flavor, color and texture. Voted one of the
10 best vegetarian restaurants in the world, this charming hotel in Perugia also offers vegan
cooking classes by their award winning chef Maria Lucia. They can even custom-make dishes
for special diets that are gluten free or have similar restrictions.

Soul Mama, St Kilda, Australia

Located right along the beach of St. Kilda, Soul Mama is an eclectic vegan restaurant offering
inside and outside dining with a spectacular view. Over 16 hot dishes and 16 cold options like
salads and spreads are offered on a buffet where you can choose between a three, four or a
giant-sized five selection plate. The biggest complaint by food reviewers about Soul Mama is
how hard it is to decide what to pick out of the delicious choices on the buffet.

The Ethos Bakery Cafe, Bangkok, Thailand

The Ethos Bakery Cafe in Bangkok features a variety of international vegan favorites and drinks,
although it does have a few recipes containing cheese and yogurt. They serve 100% organic rice
and a huge variety of drinks from coconut milk to coffee. Located behind a commercial strip,
The Ethos offers a serene break from the hectic pace in a unique lounge environment.